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Gardenia Blue
Gardenia Blue
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Product Description

Natural Plant Colorant Gardenia Blue for Food and Drink

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Basic Info

Product Name: Gardenia Blue

Packaging Material: Plastic

Shelf Life: >12 Months

Resource: Natural

Solubility: Soluble in Water and Ethanol, Insoluble in Organic

Package: 25kg/Drum

Specification: QS ISO9000 ISO22000

HS Code: 2932999099

Certification: ISO, FDA

Storage Method: Normal

Character: light gray to dark blue powder or liquid

Storage: Dry and Low Temperature

Color Value: E(1%, 1cm)=800

Transport Package: 25kg/Drum

Origin: Nanjing, China


Natural colorant extracted from the fruits of Gardenia jasminoides, G.florida or G. augusta var.gardiflora by biological fermentation.

Gardenia Blue is obtained from the fruits of Gardenia augusta Merrill or Gardenia jasminoides Ellis. It

is produced by adding β-glucosidase to a mixture of iridoid glycosides from gardenia fruits and protein degradation products. It may contain dextrin or lactose. 


Gardenia blue is one of the natural blue colorants which are rather rare in the world. Compared to artificially synthesized blue pigments, such as brilliant blue and indigo blue, gardenia blue is more safe and natural to human body. Gardenia blue is dark blue powder. It can easily dissolve in water, ethanol solution and propylene glycol solution, can not dissolve in organic solvent. It is nearly tasteless and has low ability of moisture absorption. The shade is stable in medium when pH value is between 4 to 8.It has a good resistance to temperature, but not to light. The dyeability is good to protein than starch.

Application and Uasge:

Gardenia blue pigment is light gray to dark blue powder or liquid, soluble in hydrophilic solvents like water, ethanol with water and propylene glycol with water etc. , insoluble in organic solvents. Widely used in jam, candy, instant noodles, ice cream, fruit wine, fruit, flavor drinks, pills, sugar-coated shading etc.

It can be used as pigment for candy, butin, biscuit, cookie, dairy, jam, beverage, juice and wine. It can also b used in medicine and cosmetics.

It can be mixed with other natural pigment such as gardenia yellow and carthamin yellow for green, and other colors you need. Morever, the color of itself can vary from sea blue to sky blue by different processing techniques.


Protected from light and heat,stored in cool, dry and airproof conditions.

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