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Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide
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Top Quality Zinc Oxide, Zinc Oxide Powder / Whatsapp:+8615308670259

Basic Info


Main Ingredient:Zinc Oxide

Type:Keeping Health and Promoting Growth

Shape: Crushed Feed

Main Nutrients:Preparation Feed

Molecular Formula:ZnO

Molecular Weight:81.38

CAS No: 1314-13-2

HS: 28170010

Transport Package:25kg Bags/Drums

Specification:72% 76%


HS Code:28170010


The product is white powder, has the density of 5.606 and the melting point of 1975º C, and is amphoteric oxide insoluble in water or ethanol and soluble in acid/base solution.

It can reduce the expansion coefficient of glaze and increase the thermal stability of products, and has good high heat vibration and mechanical vibration effect during the production of ceramic products.

It has big specific surface area and strong hiding power, commendably overcomes the influence of the color of base material on the surface color of ceramic products, and can increase glaze gloss and elasticity.


White or a little yellow powder,density 5.5-6.5g/cm3,granularity 0.15-0.7μm,refractive index 1.95-2.05,fusion point:1975°C.It is a kind of two characters oxide,dissolve in acid and alkaline solution,insoluble in water or ethanol.It is yellow color at the high temperature,resume being white after cooling.


It is most suitable to be used for the manufacture of high grade ceramics, salt-glazed brick,mosaic,porcelain and porcelain enamel ware for sanitation and bath uses.Especially suitable to be used for glaze-making, as flux in glassmaking, also as active agent for rubber production , furthermore, as raw material for the manufacture of black or dark-colored rubber tyre, rubber wire and isolate articales, feed additive etc.

Use : Zinc Oxide Feed Grade for feed additive as zinc supplementation in poutry ,livestock and fisheries industry.it is low cost.it is stable,water free,non-caking,invariant.


A.the zinc oxide and other zinc source compare, unit zinc cost obvious low, favors the low feed additive the cost, the recruitment is equal to the sulfuric acid monohydrate zinc 44%, seven water zinc sulfate 28%

B. the zinc oxide to do the powdery zinc source, the stability is good in the feed, does not contain water, does not agglomerate, the invariability, is advantageous for the feed processing and the standing storage, is small to the feed Vitamin influence.

C, the zinc oxide makes the zinc source, compared to other zinc source change by the animal absorption, is made up the zinc effect to be good.

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