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Top Quality 99 Purity Female Steroid Hormone Powder Ethinylestradiol 57-63-6
Top Quality 99 Purity Female Steroid Hormone Powder Ethinylestradiol 57-63-6
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Product Description

Top Quality 99 Purity Female Steroid Hormone Powder Ethinylestradiol 57-63-6 

Basic Info

Product Name: Ethinylestradiol


CAS No.: 57-63-6

Customized: Customized

Suitable for: Elderly, Children, Adult

Purity: 99%

EINECS: 200-342-2

MF: C20h24o2

MW: 296.41

MP: 182-183 °C(lit.)

storage temp.: -20°C Freezer

Shipment: EMS, HKEMS, FEDEX, DHL, UPS, Aramex, ETC

Delivery: Within 3 Days

Origin: China(Mainland)

Certification: ISO 9001, USP, GMP

Export Market: Global

Trademark: Pharmlab

HS Code: 2901292000

Usage: Progesteron. Norethindrone and acetate in combination with estrogen as contraceptive (oral). It is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen 


Ethinyl Estradiol is absorbed in the small intestine and reaches a serum peak about 2 hours later. It undergoes extensive metabolism in the liver involving the cytochrome P450 3A4 isoenzyme. 


Ethinyl Estradiol and its metabolites are excreted with the bile. Due to the effect of entero hepatic circulation a second peak is seen several hours later. Individually, wide variations exist in the overall absorption process, and can be further modified by drugs that affect the enterohepatic circulation or liver enzymes.


In circulation Ethinyl Estradiol is almost fully bound to plasma albumin. It is metabolized by hydroxylation of the aromatic ring and excreted in both feces and urine, in part as glucuronide and sulfate conjugate.


Ethinyl Estradiol is hormonally effective by activating the estrogen receptor and thus is an estrogen. It finds its most common use in the estrogen-progestin combination preparations of oral contraceptives. Over time, formulations have decreased the Ethinyl Estradiol dose from as high as 100 μg to as low as 10 μg in


    Ethinyl estradiol (EE2) (USP) (former brand name Estinyl), or ethinylestradiol (INN, USAN, JAN), also spelled as ethinylœstradiol (BAN) and also known as 17α-ethynylestra-1,3,5(10)-triene-3,17β-diol, is a synthetic, steroidal estrogen. It is a derivative of estradiol, the major endogenous estrogen in humans; specifically, EE2 is 17α-ethynylestradiol. EE2 is an orally active estrogen used in almost all formulations of combined oral contraceptives (COCs), being nearly the exclusive estrogen used for this purpose.

Ethinylestradiol is a man-made form of the naturally occurring female hormone called oestrogen. It is prescribed to treat period (menstrual) problems, and also to help ease menopausal symptoms. It is usually prescribed alongside another female hormone called a progestogen.

Ethinyl estradiol also sometimes written as ethinylestradiol, ethynyl estradiol, or ethinyl Stradiol, is a derivative of 17β -estradiol (E2), the major endogenous estrogen in humans. EE is an orally bioactive estrogen used in many formulations of combined oral contraceptive pills. It is one of the most commonly used medications for this purpose.

Estinyl was a preparation of EE alone that was used for the management of menopausal symptoms and female hypogonadism.

EE is released into the environment as a xenoestrogen from the urine and feces of people who take it as a medication.


    As Estinyl, EE2 was formerly used for hormone replacement therapy in menopause and the treatment of femalehypogonadism, loss of menstruation, dysmenorrhea, acne, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. However, in more recent times, EE2 is mainly used in COCs. In contraception, due to concerns of unopposed estrogen action and the possible increased risk of endometrial cancer that accompanies this, EE2 is formulated in combination with progestins. EE2 is little used in menopausal hormone replacement therapy. 

    EE2 has been used at very high dosages (1-2 mg/day) in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Hot selling market :


United State(USA) , United Kingdom(UK) , Australia , Canada , Spain , France , Germany , Russia , Brasil(Brazil) , Ukraine , South Africa , Norway , Poland , Netherlands(Holland) , Slovakia , Georgia , New Zealand , Sweden etc.

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